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Continuing Education Resources

Continuing Education
Frequently Asked Questions

CPA - MCEP Approved Courses ... Current List (.pdf)
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Links to Course Providers who provide information on the web:
(no endoresments implied or intended)

Alliant University (CSPP)
APA Independent Study Courses (American Psychological Asscociation)
APA Insurance Trust (CPA co-sponsored)
Association for Advanced Training AATBS
Behavioral EDU
Compact Clinicals
Cross Country Education
EMDR Institute
Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge
Lima Associates
Professional Psych Seminars
Psy Broadcasting Corporation
Psycholegal Associates
The Primal Center
R. Cassidy Seminars
Zur Institute (Ofer Zur, Ph.D.)

These are not the only providers of courses ... they're just the ones I have found who provide credit for psychologists and who maintain information on the web.

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Note:  When California first introduced a continuing education requirement for psychologists, the law required that each and every course be approved by an accrediting agency.

At the outset, all CE credits were reported to CPA, and CPA could identify all qualifying courses. No course would count unless it had been approved by CPA (i.e., it was "MCEP approved").

Today, any course from an APA approved sponsor, or any "relevant" course from a CMA (California Medical Association) approved provider can be used for credit. CPA continues to accredit sponsors and to approve courses, but today, most of the courses you will take are offered by APA approved sponsors.

For psychologists, the most important thing to know is that unless you have found courses that are approved by CPA and that have an MCEP approval number, you must submit the course reporting form to CPA, letting CPA know what courses you have taken. You only need to do this once during each license renewal cycle. It costs $35 to submit the form, so make sure you have all of the hours you need before you report them.

At my CE FAQ pages (
click here) you will find what I believe is a complete discussion of the CE issues you need to consider.

If you have a problem with your CE requirements, feel free to contact me. I might have the answer, or I might know who does.


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